What You Seek is Seeking You




If you have a goal then I hope you are working towards achieving it. If you are not doing that yet then you better do something and start moving sometime soon. But let me ask you this, have you had a goal or a dream that you worked hard to get but you have not achieved it yet? If you had a goal for a long period of time without any desired outcomes then you either seeking something impossible (or unachievable within your lifetime). It is either that or you don’t actually believe in what you want. You simply don’t believe you can make it. There are severe doubts inside your mind and soul that are questioning wither you deserve it or not. You actually don’t believe you deserve it to begin with. This is why you are not getting it. You undervalued what you are capable of which lowered what you could get and achieve.

If you are not hundred percent sure of what you want, and if you are not hundred percent sure that you deserve it, then you should be hundred percent sure that you will never get it. You have to be sure of what you want, and you have to believe that you deserve it. Those are then main two believes you have to clarify first, that is important. You can’t get what is not yours, and it is not yours until you believe it is yours.

What you are seeking is not just seeking you, it is running towards you. All what you have to do it to believe in what you can do. By that I mean to acknowledge where you at right now and what you are capable of. That road can be exhausting and long, but you will get to there once you start moving. You will never get to where you want to be if you don’t believe you can do it. Once you believe in it will be possible. What you are seeking is seeking you and at some point it will meet with you (if you recognize it) or pass by you (if you don’t know what you want and what are you looking for).

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You Become What You Think About

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We become what we think about. That is true. The reason behind that is the matter of fact that our live is shaped by our thoughts. Our thoughts have magical power that can convince us to believe that these thoughts are real and true, which is not true most of the time.  We think a lot during the day, thousands of thoughts come to your mind and mine every single day. That flood of thoughts will strengthen your believes to the point where they become solid and unshakable believes. Now this is dangerous. Why it is dangerous? Well, knowing that most of the thoughts that comes to “a normal person’s mind” are negative. They are negative either because of their destructive effect or because they are inaccurate-unreal.

Once we believe (or not believe) in something it will shape our life. These thoughts will transfer into actions, no doubts about that. If you think you are smart you will act like a smart person. On the other hand, if you think you are stupid then you will act in your daily life according to that. If you believe you are poor then you will act like and become a poor person. But if you think like a rich person and if these thought became strong to the point where they are “unshakable”, then you will be rich.

“Everyday we have 60000 thoughts and most of them are the same as the day before, most of them are negative. We choose to spend our life worrying about what the future might bring, to complain about our present circumstances and about what’s missing in our lives”-Luminita Saviuc.

Your thoughts will direct you and find a way for you to become wealthy. If you think you can then you can, and if you think you can’t then you can’t.

Your life, whether a successful one or not, is your own responsibility. It is your responsibility to find your passion and happiness. It is your responsibility to become a better person and stop these bad habits. It is your own responsibility to overcome obstacles that you are facing. It is your responsibility that your thoughts are under control. If you don’t control these thoughts the media will do it for you, your friends will think for you, others will do it for you. If that happened then your life will follow these thoughts of others. Control your thoughts so you can control your life.

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Destructive Goals

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I do believe that most of human (if not all of them) have dreams and goals. However, I often ask myself a question, why the vast majority of human could not achieve what they wanted to achieve while few of them did? What is the magic? What is the secret? That question was overwhelming, but I needed to know. I reached a conclusion that the main difference that distinguish people who made it to where they wanted to be and people who are still dreaming is that the first party started the first step while the others didn’t.

Dreams and goals can be a constructive power or destructive power depends on your intentions. If you have a dream or a goal then start moving toward it. Otherwise, having that dream could act like a destructive power in your life by holding you down. Let me clarify that. I was talking to a guy who told me that his goal is to start a construction company and become a successful business man. When I asked whether he started anything in that regard he answered me that he will start working toward achieving that goal in 5 years. Here is the problem, he is convincing himself that he has a great goal (which he did) and that he is in the safe zone for now. However, he is fooling himself by waiting for five years before he start anything.

The above goal is an example of a destructive goal (or dream). Such dreams should be avoided at any cost. It makes you feel satisfied like you achieved something, in reality you didn’t. Remember that the first step towards achieving what you want is to leave your comfort zone, destructive goals will not let you leave that zone. If you find yourself surrounded by these kinds of goals and dreams then I wish you a good luck with achieving anything in your life. Keep up with me because I will be writing in my next post about ways to identify these destructive goals.

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Mental Limits



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Your actions are reflection of your thoughts. As I wrote before,  if you believe you can do it then it is possible, but if you believe you can’t then it is impossible. Everything starts with a thought that can be transformed into an action. So it is important to be mentally ready before any actions are taking.

Mental preparation for personal growth comes before acting towards the growth itself. Failing to achieve something physically reveals that you failed to achieve it mentally to begin with. Think about it this way, what makes you stay home and relax while your friend is spending the same moment at the gym? What makes someone spend an extra hour studying for an exam while his classmate is sleeping already? Why is it almost impossible for you to do it (insert goals and dreams) while it is doable for others?

All actions start here in our minds. The next step, the step where we execute our plans, can’t be started until we are mentally ready for it. To prepare yourself mentally for the road you are going to move in, you have to remember why you are starting what you are about to start. Focusing on the ultimate goal can help you a lot. It means remembering all the benefits that you will accumulate if you reach your final destination, feeling it, touching it, and living it mentally. It also means reminding yourself of all the things you could miss and lose if you don’t start moving right away.


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Find And Unleash Your Potential 2-2


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Nothing make me feel sad like seeing a wasted potential in someone. If you reached a point in your life where you believe that nothing more you can do then you are probably wrong. Discovering your potential is important to know what you can do and to discover your passion. There are often unused power and capability within each one of us that weren’t used and will not be used most of the time.

To discover use your potential you have to first know what it is. What are you capable of doing that you are not doing? To use the power inside each one of us we have to acknowledge its existence. You can find out what potential you might have by asking people who know you. You can also take personality tests that will help you discover your personality. Discover your real value and build on it. You don’t have to develop new skills and knowledge. There is something great within you that you can leverage on and that you can improve later on.

Face your fears and challenge them. Your fears are acting like a wall that is blocking you off. It is stopping you from realizing what potentials you have. Are you afraid of public speaking? You will never discover your potential in that regard until you decide to face your fears and give a speech. Are you afraid of changing your career, habits, and relationships? Face your fears and find out what potential was hiding from you by them. Face your fears and end that uncertainty in your life, once and forever.

Challenge yourself by changing your thoughts. What you know is a function of what you heard, saw, listen to, tasted, or touched. Your believes are formed by things everything you know through these five senses. You have to admit that what you know is way smaller than what you don’t know, open up your mind. Your real potential could be blocked by a wrong believe or a misunderstanding of something.

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Find And Unleash Your Potential 1-2




What is your potential? To be clearer, what is your real potential? I am not talking here about what you can do, I am talking about what you are able to do that you are not doing. During our life we gain knowledge, relationships, and experiences that make us grow and become better people overtime. However, what we have gained cannot be beneficial to us and to the people around us unless we use it. Let me give you an example to clarify what I mean. Imagine that you read a lot of books about the “deafblinds” life and how they can communicate with people. Imagine you know a lot about that subject that you can give a lecture about it or even write a book. That amount of knowledge, connections, and experiences you have about this subject are your potential when it comes to this subject. If that knowledge was not used then the person who has it has a potential power that can be transfer into something meaningful and helpful.

If you don’t use it then that potential can stay within you until the day you die, untouched and sadly unnoticed. So how to take advantage of what you have? To answer this question, first of all, you have to know what you have. You cannot take advantage of something you are unaware of. Knowing yourself and what you have is the first step to understand your potential. I cannot emphasis enough who important this step is. Believe it or not, you can do way better than what you are doing right now, you definitely have the potential to be a better person.

Once we discover our potential then we can control it. We can use it, as well as, add to it. While it is important to find your potential, it is even more important to find the true and real potential not the fake one. You are capable of achieving a lot, however, you might lake some potential that is necessary for certain achievement. Don’t lie to yourself and assume that you have what it takes if you don’t have it. Understanding your true potential includes recognizing things that are out of you reach. With that been said, once you know your true potential then you can grow it and increase it and control it.

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Achieving True Happiness




As I mentioned in my other post, high expectations should be applied to ourselves not to others. Seeking happiness through giving to others implies that you should rise up your expectations of yourself and lower your expectations of what you are going to receive from others.

Reach out to others and offer your help. Most of people will not ask for help even if they needed it, their dignity is stopping them from asking for it. Help them, give them a hand, and give them hope when they are hopeless. That can be achieved through helping them overcome some obstacles or even dealing with bad habits or any other matters.

“In my life I’ve learned that true happiness comes from giving. Helping others along the way makes you evaluate who you are. I think that love is what we’re all searching for. I haven’t come across anyone who didn’t become a better person through love”— Marla Gibbs.

Once you help someone then complete your action by keeping it between you and them. No one else needs to know about you helping others. If you are doing it so people will know that you are a good person (look at him!! he is so generous and kind) then that all what you will get. You will gain publicity or maybe a good reputation but no true happiness will be achieved. Talking about the good things you did to others can consume the happiness you will be getting before it reaches you.

The ultimate form of nobility is achieved through helping others for no other reason than to help them. The best kind of giving is when you give without seeking any return, not even a small or smaller return on that. Not even happiness. You are giving to others because you feel it is your obligation to help them and that’s it. You might receive back good words, or even good feeling; however, you are doing it without waiting for anything in return.

“Giving back is as good for you as it is for those you are helping, because giving gives you purpose. When you have a purpose-driven life, you’re a happier person” — Goldie Hawn

By giving to others, without attaching any expectations to it, you are actually giving to yourself a lot more than what you give to others. You will be receiving happiness.

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Find Your Passion



What are your passions? What are the things that you feel happy and motivated doing and working on? Most of us know what they are passionate about when it comes to things outside their workplace. That can be their hobbies, sports, or other things. Some of us don’t even know what they are their passions which is a problem. If you don’t know what your passion are, you are missing a lot. I will be writing about ways to find your passions in my next blog.

According to Gallop poll

“70% of American hate their stupid jobs.. There’s a reason why they call it “work.” If it were fun or easy it would be labeled accordingly”

This is a huge number, 70 percent of American don’t like doing what they are doing, why are you doing something you don’t like? Well, they work to get paid. Let face it, a lot of us delay doing what they are passionate about until the weekend, a vacation, or even until they get out of work. There is no problem with that. We go to work so we get paid at the end of the month which will allow us to pay bills and other expanses. But what if the same job that you do, and get paid doing it, is something you love and is something you are passionate about.

Finding what we are passionate about as a function of our purpose. Finding your purpose in life is the starting point towards finding your passions. Doing what you love can improve your life quality sharply. It is a hidden energy inside each one of us that is waiting to be released. Moreover, they journey towards finding what we are passionate about can, and will, face many obstacles. However, once we find that unique thing life will be more beautiful. There is a saying “do what you love or love what you do” I agree with the first only.

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Overcoming Obstacles 3-3 (Expectations)




People who understand who they are, where they at, and where they want to be are more likely going to achieve what they want. These goals can be both internal and external. Internal personal goals tend to be focused toward what benefit us internally such as improving out altitude towards the world around us or improving our communication skills. These goals are focused on our internal weaknesses or strength. External goals are what we aim to achieve outside ourselvesvs.

 High expectations

What we expect from ourselves will drive us to create goals to meet these expectations. A person who know where they at should set high expectation of them self, high goals to be achieved in a specific period of time. However, when we dealing with others we should lower our expectations.


Again, your expectation of your self should be consistent with who you are and what you are capable of. It is not right to rise your expectation from yourself before understanding what is your current statues and resources. With that been said, I believe people who have high expectations from their self are more likely to achieve more in their lives than people with lower expectations. They might not meet their expectations but will get close to it. So if you want to dream then dream big. Higher expectation can lead to higher performance, the opposite is also true for lower expectations.


While it is good to raise the bar when it comes to what we should expect from our selves, that is not the case when we are dealing with others. We can control our actions but we do don’t control other’s actions. We can control our emotions, but we can’t control other’s emotions. Every individual has his own struggles and obstacles that we are not necessary aware of. These struggles and obstacles can lower their performance or make them act in unfavorable way towards us or towards their surroundings.

Robb Rutledge says “Happiness depends not on how well things are going but whether things are going better or worse than expected.”

People are different, they are different in every aspect of life, understanding these differences is the key when we set our expectations. Since we don’t control others actions it is wise to lower our expectations of them.

Overcoming Obstacles 2-3


Phil Drolet


People around us influence us whither we like it or not. They influence our way of thinking, our decisions, therefore the outcomes we receive.

Surround yourself with people who can help you achieve your goals. If you know where you at and if you know where you want to be you will need to start moving on. If you surround yourself with people who are going to the same destination then the journey will be easier and you will reach your destination faster. For example, if your goal is to have an athletic body and you surround yourself with “gym rats” you will likely to achieve your goal of having that desired body. That result will be achieved in an easier way than if you did it yourself.

On the other hand, if you surround yourself with people who are going to a different direction then your journey will be harder and you will need longer time to reach your destination, if you could reach it. Going back to the gym example and compare the result you will get if you want to have a nice body but your friends have no desire in going to gym. You can achieve your goal but it will be harder on you.

 Some people forego the chance of personal growth and development because they do not have anyone supporting them. They feel that they will not make it on their own. Maybe they need someone who pushes them on when they are close to giving in, or their friends and family are even obviously against their plans. Saoirse OMara

People around us can be obstacles on our way but they can also be an aid that make our experience easier and more beautiful.


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