I am currently an MBA student at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). I graduated with bachelor’s degrees from UNR in Finance, Economics, and Political Science. During this time I also worked for Starbucks. I began my career as an administrative assistant for a law firm immediately after I graduated high school. Before completing my undergraduate degrees I decided to take a gap year to start a business. I was working at “Dimensions of the Kingdom”, a company I co-founded which specializes in government contracts and importing heavy equipment. I worked in different positions such as contracts specialist, human resource manager, and finance manager. I learned a lot from this experience which I believe enriched my life and made me a different person.

I lived in different places, became friend with many people, and went through some valuable experiences. What I have become today is reflecting all of these factors. These experiences showed my true value which encouraged me to be a better version of myself. For that reason, I am passionate about personal growth. I like to learn about the subject and I like also to pass my knowledge to other people.

Besides all of that, I love to travel, visit new places, and meet new people. In my free time I like to take walks or go for a hike. I enjoy to read and learn more about politics and economics. International affairs interests me as well as International trade. I like to challenge myself and improve my skills all the time.






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