Strategies to Deal With Bad Habits





Getting rude of a bad habit is a rewarding; however, such activity can consume a lot of time and energy. In this blog I will be writing about some strategies to deal with bad habits that can save you some time and energy.

Dealing with multi bad habits

Each human have more than one bad habit, it is a normal part of being a human. Dealing with more than on bad habit can be easier than dealing with one habit at a time. However, this is only true if the two habits are complementary habits. For example, your weight is unhealthy and you wake up late every morning. Those two results could be caused by the fact that you stay up late and eat some unhealthy food all night long. To stop those two bad habits (staying up late and eating unhealthy food) you may be need to wake up early each morning and go to bed early as well. By doing so, you will be not only waking up early every morning, but you will stop eating unhealthy food during the night because you are already asleep. You can use the same approach to deal with other complementary bad habits once you realize their existence.


Dealing with a bad habit that is causing other bad habits

Some bad habits can develop other bad habits. For example, staying up too late can create other bad habits such as drinking and smoking. Knowing the “source habit” and dealing with it first can solve and eliminate the bad habits it created automatically.  Many of our bad habits are caused by another bad habit, target and attack the source first, that will save you a lot of time.


Replacing a bad habit with a good habit

It is good to stop smoking but is even better if you stop smoking and start running at the same time. It is good to stop being rude to others but it’s even better if you start treating them nice at the same time. It is good to stop your addiction to alcohol or to drugs but it is even better if you start developing a habit of helping others stop their addiction to alcohol or to drugs.


Jerome Hines once said “The only proper way to eliminate bad habits is to replace them with good ones.”


Replacing a bad habit with a good one can work as a shield that will protect you from going back to that bad habit again. It is like building a wall around you, a wall of good habits where the bad ones can’t influence you anymore. Stopping bad habit will enhance personal growth. But nothing can enhance and increase personal growth like replacing a bad habit with a good habit. It is like doubling the speed of your personal growth.

What other strategies do you apply to deal with bad habits. Please share your experience with me by commenting bellow.

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