Strategic Gap Analysis For Personal Goals


To achieve something you want and desire you must move from where you at toward where you want to be. Such dynamic depends on knowing your current situation, knowing your desired destination, and understanding how to get to their (or how to execute your plan). In a previous post I wrote about the art of execution and the importance of knowing how to execute. Understanding the gap between position and the desired position is important. Analyzing that gap is called GAP analyses. GAP analyses is a techniques that is used to analyses and determine steps needed to move from your current place to the desired one. If you have a goal then you should do GAP analyses to help you achieve it. It is like creating a road map to follow which can lead you to achieve what you want.

GAP analyses consist of three elements. First, understanding your real current situation. That can be done by looking at your life and asking others to help you identify your position. If your goal is to increase the level of your monthly income then you need to know how much income you are getting right now. If your goal is to publish a bestselling book then you need to know you current level of writing skills. If your goal is to become a great leader in your community then you need to understand your leadership capabilities right now. Identifying your current situation is a hard step not an easy one. It is hard because it is difficult to accept new facts about yourself that you never believe existed before. The first step is a battle with your ego, you have to win that battle so you can move forward.

Identifying the current situation is important not only because it is the first step to achieve your goal but also because without it you will not be able to move forward to your desired destination. How can finish the race if you don’t know where to start? Think about it.

The remaining two steps in GAP analyse are identifying the desired outcomes and how to get to there. I will discuss them in the following posts.

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