Find Your Passion



What are your passions? What are the things that you feel happy and motivated doing and working on? Most of us know what they are passionate about when it comes to things outside their workplace. That can be their hobbies, sports, or other things. Some of us don’t even know what they are their passions which is a problem. If you don’t know what your passion are, you are missing a lot. I will be writing about ways to find your passions in my next blog.

According to Gallop poll

“70% of American hate their stupid jobs.. There’s a reason why they call it “work.” If it were fun or easy it would be labeled accordingly”

This is a huge number, 70 percent of American don’t like doing what they are doing, why are you doing something you don’t like? Well, they work to get paid. Let face it, a lot of us delay doing what they are passionate about until the weekend, a vacation, or even until they get out of work. There is no problem with that. We go to work so we get paid at the end of the month which will allow us to pay bills and other expanses. But what if the same job that you do, and get paid doing it, is something you love and is something you are passionate about.

Finding what we are passionate about as a function of our purpose. Finding your purpose in life is the starting point towards finding your passions. Doing what you love can improve your life quality sharply. It is a hidden energy inside each one of us that is waiting to be released. Moreover, they journey towards finding what we are passionate about can, and will, face many obstacles. However, once we find that unique thing life will be more beautiful. There is a saying “do what you love or love what you do” I agree with the first only.

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