Destructive Goals

Photo Credit:  Ashraf 



I do believe that most of human (if not all of them) have dreams and goals. However, I often ask myself a question, why the vast majority of human could not achieve what they wanted to achieve while few of them did? What is the magic? What is the secret? That question was overwhelming, but I needed to know. I reached a conclusion that the main difference that distinguish people who made it to where they wanted to be and people who are still dreaming is that the first party started the first step while the others didn’t.

Dreams and goals can be a constructive power or destructive power depends on your intentions. If you have a dream or a goal then start moving toward it. Otherwise, having that dream could act like a destructive power in your life by holding you down. Let me clarify that. I was talking to a guy who told me that his goal is to start a construction company and become a successful business man. When I asked whether he started anything in that regard he answered me that he will start working toward achieving that goal in 5 years. Here is the problem, he is convincing himself that he has a great goal (which he did) and that he is in the safe zone for now. However, he is fooling himself by waiting for five years before he start anything.

The above goal is an example of a destructive goal (or dream). Such dreams should be avoided at any cost. It makes you feel satisfied like you achieved something, in reality you didn’t. Remember that the first step towards achieving what you want is to leave your comfort zone, destructive goals will not let you leave that zone. If you find yourself surrounded by these kinds of goals and dreams then I wish you a good luck with achieving anything in your life. Keep up with me because I will be writing in my next post about ways to identify these destructive goals.

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