Find And Unleash Your Potential 2-2


Joseph Paris


Nothing make me feel sad like seeing a wasted potential in someone. If you reached a point in your life where you believe that nothing more you can do then you are probably wrong. Discovering your potential is important to know what you can do and to discover your passion. There are often unused power and capability within each one of us that weren’t used and will not be used most of the time.

To discover use your potential you have to first know what it is. What are you capable of doing that you are not doing? To use the power inside each one of us we have to acknowledge its existence. You can find out what potential you might have by asking people who know you. You can also take personality tests that will help you discover your personality. Discover your real value and build on it. You don’t have to develop new skills and knowledge. There is something great within you that you can leverage on and that you can improve later on.

Face your fears and challenge them. Your fears are acting like a wall that is blocking you off. It is stopping you from realizing what potentials you have. Are you afraid of public speaking? You will never discover your potential in that regard until you decide to face your fears and give a speech. Are you afraid of changing your career, habits, and relationships? Face your fears and find out what potential was hiding from you by them. Face your fears and end that uncertainty in your life, once and forever.

Challenge yourself by changing your thoughts. What you know is a function of what you heard, saw, listen to, tasted, or touched. Your believes are formed by things everything you know through these five senses. You have to admit that what you know is way smaller than what you don’t know, open up your mind. Your real potential could be blocked by a wrong believe or a misunderstanding of something.

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