Mental Limits



Theo Smart



Your actions are reflection of your thoughts. As I wrote before,  if you believe you can do it then it is possible, but if you believe you can’t then it is impossible. Everything starts with a thought that can be transformed into an action. So it is important to be mentally ready before any actions are taking.

Mental preparation for personal growth comes before acting towards the growth itself. Failing to achieve something physically reveals that you failed to achieve it mentally to begin with. Think about it this way, what makes you stay home and relax while your friend is spending the same moment at the gym? What makes someone spend an extra hour studying for an exam while his classmate is sleeping already? Why is it almost impossible for you to do it (insert goals and dreams) while it is doable for others?

All actions start here in our minds. The next step, the step where we execute our plans, can’t be started until we are mentally ready for it. To prepare yourself mentally for the road you are going to move in, you have to remember why you are starting what you are about to start. Focusing on the ultimate goal can help you a lot. It means remembering all the benefits that you will accumulate if you reach your final destination, feeling it, touching it, and living it mentally. It also means reminding yourself of all the things you could miss and lose if you don’t start moving right away.


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