Overcoming Obstacles 3-3 (Expectations)




People who understand who they are, where they at, and where they want to be are more likely going to achieve what they want. These goals can be both internal and external. Internal personal goals tend to be focused toward what benefit us internally such as improving out altitude towards the world around us or improving our communication skills. These goals are focused on our internal weaknesses or strength. External goals are what we aim to achieve outside ourselvesvs.

 High expectations

What we expect from ourselves will drive us to create goals to meet these expectations. A person who know where they at should set high expectation of them self, high goals to be achieved in a specific period of time. However, when we dealing with others we should lower our expectations.


Again, your expectation of your self should be consistent with who you are and what you are capable of. It is not right to rise your expectation from yourself before understanding what is your current statues and resources. With that been said, I believe people who have high expectations from their self are more likely to achieve more in their lives than people with lower expectations. They might not meet their expectations but will get close to it. So if you want to dream then dream big. Higher expectation can lead to higher performance, the opposite is also true for lower expectations.


While it is good to raise the bar when it comes to what we should expect from our selves, that is not the case when we are dealing with others. We can control our actions but we do don’t control other’s actions. We can control our emotions, but we can’t control other’s emotions. Every individual has his own struggles and obstacles that we are not necessary aware of. These struggles and obstacles can lower their performance or make them act in unfavorable way towards us or towards their surroundings.

Robb Rutledge says “Happiness depends not on how well things are going but whether things are going better or worse than expected.”

People are different, they are different in every aspect of life, understanding these differences is the key when we set our expectations. Since we don’t control others actions it is wise to lower our expectations of them.

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