Knowing Your Destination





When I wrote My introduction to the topic of Personal Growth I said that knowing yourself is the most important element in the process to that desired growth. The second in importance is knowing where you want to be. Once you knew yourself-which includes knowing your strengths and weaknesses-then the next step is to know where you are heading to. Setting goals and going after them is an important part of personal growth; however, where you want to be is a question of a direction rather than fixed points.

What are your goals? let’s not get confused between Goals and Personal growth. Personal growth consists of different goals that lead all together toward a desired result. For example, if your goal is to make money then you are planning to grow the financial part of your personal growth. Financial growth by itself will not lead to a personal growth unless it is combined with other things that will add value to you personally. And since we are different, what we want to be is different as well. Therefore, the process of personal growth toward that desired direction is different for each one of us. For that reason, “where you want to be” should be supported by a vision. And that vision is based on the Core-Values for each one of us.

Bellow I suggested some parts of a desired stage that can be reached through personal growth. And by reaching a desired stage you want to be in a position where you have:

  1. Inner peace
  2. Eliminated your weaknesses
  3. Solidified your strengths
  4. Reached a financial stability
  5. A rich/valuable network.
  6. A good influence on others.

This list can be longer and should be different from one person to another. In my future posts I will be writing about each one of these six elements.

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