Overcoming Fear of Failure



Fear of faluier can be overwolmeing

The Salt Collective

Being afraid of the failure is a natural thing. People can be cautious and afraid of the unknown, unpredictable, and uncertain. It is OK to be afraid of failure, it is actually part of the first step I have talked about. All of that is understandable. What is not natural though is when that fear becomes the main obstacle that is stopping us from moving forward. Moreover, that fear is stopping many of us from even trying to move forward.

Overcoming fear of failure can be done by doing what you are supposed to do anyway. Just do it, start moving. The most influential speakers were once afraid of failure but they did it anyway. For them, the second speech was more relaxing than the first one. That lead them to be more confident of their performance and. As a result of that they became successful. Successful entrepreneurs have also had that fear at the beginning of their careers. But overcoming that fear was the reason why they made it. The Law of Diminishing Return suggests that this kind of fear will go away gradually as you started taking actions, so start taking actions.

They all had fears but they managed to overcome them. If they didn’t try they wouldn’t reach where they are right now. Overcoming fears doesn’t guarantee desired successes or reaching your final destination, but it will put you on the right track to your final destination. However, not overcoming your fears will take you to nowhere and will deliver no results.

Develop a positive image of yourself and a positive attitude towards your surroundings. Know your self. Ask yourself, what’s the worst that could happen? If you fail then that does not mean you have lost. You could lose money and time while trying to achieve a certain goal, these are an unavoidable losses. But you could gain valuable experiences that you could not gain if you did not try. These experiences and struggles are what going to help you make it the next time you try. So yes, it is possible that you will fail; however, that fear shouldn’t stop you from starting the first step.


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