Overcoming Obstacles 1-3


As the sun rises, Soldiers from Company F, 3rd Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, U.S. Division–Center, make their way through an obstacle course March 23. The second of eight events, the Soldiers were required to work together in order to complete all of the challenges.
Ubiquity: Chad Parks



Personal growth is an important factor for anyone seeks happiness and satisfaction in this life. The good news is that desired happiness/satisfaction can be achieved. It is not impossible, and it is doable. On our way from where we at to where we want to be a lot of obstacles will be thrown on our way. Dealing with these obstacles is an essential part of personal growth. There are three obstacles I will highlight, people themselves, bad habits, and surroundings.

The first obstacle many people will face is themselves. I understand that it seems like there are many outer challenges that anyone of us can face. However, the inner obstacles have higher effects on our actions. There are many activities that can be classified as inner obstacles, here are the top three:

First, low self-esteem. Noting can stop a human from advancing in their life like a low self-esteem. I look at it as the top inner obstacle because of its numbing effect. Low self-esteem can produce a low valued dreams; therefore, low achievements and low personal growth. Low self-worth is a product of Low self-esteem, and without a high self-worth personal growth can’t be achieved.

Second, worrying too much about what can happen. Either what will actually happen or what people will feel about you once you fail. Fear is actually a natural emotion just like love and other emotions, but that fear shouldn’t stop you from going to where you want to be. Once fear become an obstacle rather than a protector then you have a problem.

Third, vague or undefined personal goals. So what are your personal goals? What are the things you want to achieve that will improve you personally? If you fail to identify where you at right now and where you want to be then you will definitely gain no personal growth in that section. Failing to identify what parts of your life and personality needs to be improved is an obstacle and you need to pay a close attention to it.

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